Sandy Coast Mug (8oz)
  • Sandy Coast Mug (8oz)


    The sandy matte and glossy white glaze combination on this ceramic mug has a warming and homely feel. The mug is 8oz and is perfect for your daily coffee ritual - perfect for a flat white!



    • Capacity: 8oz (225mL)
    • Dimensions: (H) 6.8 x ⌀ 8 cm
    • Weight: 220g

    All pieces are hand thrown and some variations will occur.

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    • Dishwasher friendly but hand washing is advised. There is a greater risk of ceramics being chipped or cracked in dishwashers due to items clanking together during the cycle. Chemicals in dishwashers can also be very harsh and may scratch the glazes over time. Handwashing is always kinder to hand made ceramics.